oplyse asked: for the palette request - stiles stilinski #5 on the most recent palette!

Natasha in pajamas for offtide, who is the most talented and the sweetest uwu
Turned into Nat skyping with some of her boys before bed!
peonylantern asked: If u do Madara and #4 I would love u forever but I will love you still if you prefer Damian :* (With #4 still because it's really cute!)


Oh man this palette was really hard to work with?! But the colors are so cute, I tried D: 

Just a heads up to a lot of my Marvel req babes; I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and I’m planning something special so it’s gonna be a bit longer but hopefully worth it uwu

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godrixgryffindor asked: your art is so good and???? wow it speaks to my soul man congrats to yourself you are seriously amazing and talanted

n-no one has ever told me my art speaks to their soul?! GOSH YOU’RE THE SWEETEST THANK YOU BBY ?flies into your arms and smooches u

Anonymous asked: can you do captain america in palette 3 please thanks you xoxo love you

/crawls back to the internet 
I swear to god I haven’t forgotten the requests from the palette memes thank you guys for being so patient with me.
ScottDerek in #7, for Sarah!
The static of your arms, it is the catalystYou’re a chemical that burns there is nothing like this.
My piece for the Sciles Reverse Bang.
An urban fantasy AU. These punks getting into things they shouldn’t, with unexpected consequences, or something.
yourtessthings asked: Third meme! Lol - the latest one. :D

THANKS DOLL I saw your req and was immediately like ohhhh I fucked up.

OH SHIT if you leave me a palette req, let me know which palette meme (1st, 2nd or 3rd I posted) you’re picking the palette from!

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off hiatus! but going kinda slow while I catch up on everything

Still working on palette req's!