yourtessthings asked: Third meme! Lol - the latest one. :D

THANKS DOLL I saw your req and was immediately like ohhhh I fucked up.

OH SHIT if you leave me a palette req, let me know which palette meme (1st, 2nd or 3rd I posted) you’re picking the palette from!


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

I felt like doing a new one with different pallets!! Send a character and a number and I’ll draw them with that pallet! 

But tonight I need you to stay


Casually reblogging my own art like a tacky asshole to say, with regards to the people tagging about busting down doors to talk about ScottDerek, etc: SERIOUSLY GET AT ME. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. COME TALK TO ME LET’S DO THIS.
But tonight, I need you to stay

Heyyy I have some new followers! HELLO BABES! Thanks for being here (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I love people come say hi let’s talk about stuff!

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Tiny quick Kira for Kira Week/Charlie uvu
Quick typography piece.
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Still working on palette req's;
not taking more right now

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